26th February 2020 – The Robson Lab attend Annual IACR Conference IN Galway

The annual IACR conference had an excellent programme of biomedial speakers lined up this year and it was a fascinating 3 days of cancer research. Highlights of the conference included our postdoctoral researcher, Gillian being shortlisted for a poster presentation prize for her recent work to identify novel protein interactors of FKBPL and the announcement of Tracy as the incoming President of the IACR. Congratulations Tracy and we can’t wait for IACR 2021!

Prof. Tracy Robson with the IACR senior council members Dr. Graham Pidgeon, Dr. Amanda McCann (outgoing IACR President) and Dr. Antoinette Perry (IACR, Galway 2020)

Dr. Gillian Moore with her poster presentation that received a shortlisted prize rosette (IACR, Galway 2020)

26th November 2019Robson Lab announces new collaboration with Precision Oncology Ireland

The Robson Lab is excited to announce our involvement in a new Science Foundation Ireland Funded Strategic Partnership Programme ‘Precision Oncology Ireland‘ (‘POI’), following the Programme Launch at UCD Campus today. Prof. Tracy Robson is one of 10 Principal Investigators from 5 universities in Ireland involved in this research collaboration in the field of precision oncology worth a total of €11.9 million.

Precision Oncology Ireland is a consortium of five Irish universities, including RCSI, six Irish cancer research charities, and ten companies aiming to develop new diagnostics and therapeutics for the personalised treatment of cancer. Speaking at the Launch, the Director of Precision Oncology Ireland, Professor Walter Kolch, Director of Systems Biology Ireland, UCD School of Medicine said, “Precision Oncology Ireland is a vision come true. It unites the top cancer research experts in Ireland, the leading cancer charities, and companies at the cutting edge of diagnostics and drug discovery. We believe that this unique consortium lays out the blueprint for how cancer research and cancer care will look in Ireland in the 21st century.”

The Robson Lab will investigate the therapeutic potential of the full length FKBPL protein in high grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSOC), a notoriously poor prognosis and difficult to treat malignancy. In collaboration with our industry partner, pHion Therapeutics, we will deliver the complete FKBPL transgene for sustained expression and maximum therapeutic efficacy using our patented RALA next generation nanoparticle (NP) delivery vehicle. Critically, we also aim to develop a diagnostic gene expression signature in HGSOC tissue using an RNA sequencing approach to identifying patients who will respond to FKBPL based therapies.

Press Release from UCDNova:,474746,en.html

Dr. Stephanie Annett receives GRANT AWARD


23rd February 2019- RCSI Research Summer School Student Uchechukwu Alanza WInS prize at ichams 2019

A huge congratulations to our talented summer student Uchechukwu Alanza who gave an oral presentation on her research entitled ‘Elucidating the role of FKBPL in the IL-6/STAT3 signaling pathway’ and won the Best Scientific Abstract Award at the International Conference for Healthcare and Medical Students (ICHAMS) 2019. Uchechukwu was awarded a HRB summer student scholarship to carry out her research with the Robson Lab. She missed the lab so much she returned to us again the following year to complete her 3rd year medicine research project! Congratulations on the ICHAMS Award Uchechukwu! What a great achievement!

Uchechukwu receiving her award for the Best Scientific Abstract at ICHAMS Award Ceremony, (ICHAMS, Dublin, 2019)